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Awards and Scholarships – Past Recipients

Reesa Greenberg Curatorial Studies Award

2015 cheyanne turions
2016 Jenn Goodwin
2017 Christophe Barbeau
2018 Kate Whiteway
2019 Yuluo Wei
2020 Ameen Ahmed
2021 Nicole Cartier Barrera and Logan Williams
2022 Sherry Chunqing Liu

The Art Museum Curatorial Residency Award

2019 Maya Wilson-Sanchez
2020 Ameen Ahmed
2021 Sanniah Jabeen


The Art Museum Student Award and The W. Garfield Weston Foundation Art Museum Student Award*

2001 Lise Hosein
2002 Neil Brochu
2003 Jacqueline H. To
2004 Maggie Trott
2005 Jesse Colin Jackson
2006 Sukie Leung
2007 Heather Diack, Stephanie Nemcsok
2008 Rebecca Noone, Rachel Jacobs
2009 Bogdan Luca, Loreanet [Lori] Diaz, Victoria Kushelnyk, Erika Michelle Wang
2010 Vicki Kwon, Rebecca Noone, Jilana Stewart, Sarah Heim
2019 Margaryta Golovchenko

*These generously supported awards were brought together in 2019 to form the Art Museum Curatorial Residency Award.

Student Engagement in the Arts

2011 Emily Smit-Dicks
2012 Alana Leprich and Klara Kovar
2013 Carlos Granados Ocon
2014 Amy Luo


The Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards

2012 Stephanie Azzarello
2013 Alana Leprich and Klara Kovar
2014 Kathleen Speckert
2015 Natalie Lai