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Touring Exhibitions

In order to engage diverse and growing audiences, we produce an intensive and prolific program of original and partnered exhibitions for circulation across Canada and internationally. Enabling us to share resources, these projects also expand access to a broad range of experiences and encounters with art, culture and ideas.


January 11, 2023–March 25, 2023

Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through

September 8, 2021–November 20, 2021

street scene of people running and on the ground, most wearing orange jumpsuits with a helicopter flying over them.

Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience

January 26, 2017–September 15, 2018

Installation view of Sovereign Acts

Sovereign Acts

January 11, 2018–March 3, 2018

piles of wood in a corner of a white room.

In Dialogue

September 6, 2017–October 7, 2017

oil painting of a man hunched starring out with a dark-blue sky

A Story of Canadian Art: As Told by the Hart House Collection

January 15, 2015–March 10, 2015

black and white film photograph of two white shirtless men. Man on the left has a pair of glasses on.

“We Are Continually Exposed to the Flashbulb of Death”: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg (1953-1996)

September 2, 2014–December 6, 2014

Sharpie drawing of two arcs around each other

Why Can’t Minimal

September 2, 2014–October 19, 2014

black text saying "GET HOLD OF THIS SPACE" against a white background

Get Hold of This Space: A Geography of Conceptual Art in Canada

February 7, 2014–September 5, 2014

Installation view of Continental Drift


April 19, 2013–September 8, 2013

Lands holding paper and reading book

Screen and Décor

June 8, 2013–August 17, 2013

Woman sitting in beach chair smoking a cigarette

Suzy Lake: Political Poetics

April 30, 2011–June 25, 2011

Photo of beach with text over it

Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada c. 1965 to 1980

September 10, 2010–November 28, 2010

Installation view of NATURAL HISTORY


April 20, 2010–May 29, 2010