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Study + Research

The Art Museum offers a host of academic and co-curricular programs for students, faculty, and visiting scholars. Designed to connect academic research with hands-on and experiential learning, opportunities include volunteer and work-study positions, for-credit courses, internships, as well as staff- or faculty-structured class tours and teaching modules. With a special focus on fostering the work of students and faculty engaged in the arts and culture fields — including Visual Studies, Art History, Curatorial Studies, Museum Studies — the interdisciplinary nature of the museum’s programs offers a diversity of access points for emerging and established scholars within the Humanities and Social Sciences.


Information for Faculty

Working with faculties from across the University of Toronto and other postsecondary schools, the Art Museum offers academic and experiential learning opportunities across multiple disciplines. Museum staff can develop programs but also respond to faculty members’ own interests, supporting the development of special in-class lectures, course modules, and seminars, as well as gallery and exhibition tours, and seminars involving exhibitions and collections. Hosted by professional museum staff in our newly developed, museum-standard vault and study spaces, class projects may encompass hands-on introductions to the visual arts and art history as well as interdisciplinary engagement with the collections, off-site projects and exhibitions.

Exhibition Tours

Collection Access


Information for Students

The Art Museum offers numerous academic and co-curricular learning opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D. and postdoctoral students across a broad range of academic and career-related interests. It also directly supports academic study and career-related work in the areas of MVS Curatorial Studies, Museum Studies, Art History, and Visual Studies.

The Art Museum is dedicated to develop students’ knowledge and professional skills in areas such as art, art history, research, communications, project and collections management, exhibition development, education, and many other museum-related endeavors, as well as other relevant media and areas of culture. Opportunities include academic credit Internships, Work-Study positions in the summer as well as fall/winter academic year and diverse volunteer opportunities for co-curricular credit, and, when possible, paid summer positions that are open to students across diverse academic disciplines.

Students involved with the Art Museum and its associated academic programs have gone on to rewarding careers in the arts and culture sector in Canada and beyond. Meet some of the Art Museum’s student alumni here.