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Drawing of a naked woman next to her negative space, and her clothed self

Works by:

Lawrence Alloway, David Armstrong-Six, Jack Behrens, Joanne Bristol, John Cage, Franklin Carmichael, A. J. Casson, Harold Coppings, Graham Coughtry, Stan Douglas, Dave Dyment, Yves Gaucher, Raymond Gervais, Ted Godwin, Ric Gomez, Richard Gorman, Rodney Graham, Pascal Grandmaison, Instant Coffee, Lawren S. Harris, Robert Harris, Prudence Heward, R.S. Hewton, Edwin Holgate, Yvonne McKague Housser, A.Y. Jackson, Illingworth Kerr, Nobuo Kubota, Tim Lee, Arthur Lismer, Ken Lochhead, J.E.H. MacDonald, Henri Masson, Doris McCarthy, Art McKay, Ian Murray, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Nihilist Spasm Band, Shannon Oksanen, Jules Olitski, Robert Markle, Ruth Pawson, George Pepper, Robert Pilot, Gordon Rayner, Kevin Schmidt, Steven Shearer, Inglis Sheldon-Williams, Michael Snow, Philip Surrey, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, Zin Taylor, Ron Terada, Althea Thauberger, Holly Ward, Homer Watson, Stephen Wolpe, Mary Wrinch, Florence Wyle

Soundtracks: See Hear!

September 23–December 13, 2003

Curated by Catherine Crowston, Barbara Fischer, Nancy Campbell, Andrew Hunter, Timothy Long, and Ben Portis

University of Toronto Art Centre

Conceived as a whole by curators Catherine Crowston, Barbara Fischer, and Nancy Campbell soundtrackes is a large multimedia exhibition that explores the diverse influence and cross-fertilizatoin of music and the visual arts in Canada. Track the interplay of folk, beat and pop culture through this three-part travelling exhibition.

Come a Singing!

Curated by Andrew Hunter
Features the work of the Group of Seven and their contemporaries, NFB productions and rare songbooks, to emphasize the shared terrain of subject matter that inspired visual artists and the collecting and distribution of Canadian folk songs in the early part of the century.

The Edmonton Art Gallery
June 14 – August 24, 2003
McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg
September 20-November 16, 2003
Mackenzie Art gallery, Regina
February 14-May 17, 2004

See Hear!

Curated by Timothy Long and Ben Portis
See Hear! investigates the dramatic surge of image-sound exploration that emerged in Canada between 1961 and 1965. Engaging the most advanced avant-garde composition, jazz improvisation and multimedia experimentation of the day, visual artists created a host of new art-music linkages in painting, film and performance.

The Edmonton Art Gallery
June 14 – August 24, 2003
University of Toronto Art Centre
September 25-January 11, 2004
Mackenzie Art gallery, Regina
February 14-May 17, 2004


Curated by Barbara Fischer and Catherine Crowston
The artists in Re-play engage with popular music from jazz to rock, from metal to pop. Some mime and enact it, while others document and record it. All are interested in the culture of music and the way in which it makes and breaks our sense of individual and collective identity.

The Edmonton Art Gallery
June 28-September 14, 2003
Blackwood Gallery (University of Toronto at Mississauga)
The Gallery (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
October 22-December14, 2003
Re-Play: Rodney Graham
The Power Plant, Toronto
September 19-November16, 2003
Mackenzie Art gallery, Regina
February 14-May 17, 2004

Opening Reception

Tuesday September 23, 2003, 5-7pm
University of Toronto Art Centre

Artist Talk

Snow On Snow
Friday October 17, 2003, 4:30pm
Featuring Michael Snow
University College, Room 179
Free Admission


Works by John Cage
Tuesday October 21, 2003, 12pm
Featuring the University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble, directed by Robin Engelman
University of Toronto Art Centre


Soundtracks: Fastforward
Tuesday October 21, 2003, 4:30pm
Featuring Catherine Crowston
University College, Room 140


Wednesday November 12, 2003, 6:30pm
Featuring Michael Snow’s New York Eye and Ear Control, Kelly Egan’s Breath and Bodies of Knowledge, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof’s Her Carnal Longings, and Stan Brakhage’s Passage through: A Ritual
Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario
Free Admission

Curator’s Tour with Ben Portis

Thursday November 27, 2003, 12pm
University of Toronto Art Centre

Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the project support of the Department of Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program. In addition, the Toronto participants of Soundtracks are grateful to media partners, The Globe and Mail and CBC Radio Two.

Title Image: Installation view of Soundtracks: See Hear!, 2003.