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A Thousand Works in Eighty Spaces: The Art on Campus Program

Four framed paintings at

A Thousand Works in Eighty Spaces: The Art on Campus Program

January 14–March 8, 2014

University of Toronto Art Centre

The University of Toronto Permanent Collections represents a significant cultural and financial asset held in public trust for the benefit of current and future generations. The Art on Campus Program, administered by the University of Toronto Art Centre, is one of several ways that works of art from the Permanent Collections are made available to the community, and it reflects the importance of art in our lives and surroundings.

Beginning in the late 19th century, works of art from several University and Federated College Collections were placed on public display throughout the growing campus. The Art on Campus Program continues this tradition of employing works of art to enliven a variety of spaces – both public and private. Important works of art can be found in common areas, study rooms, corridors, and faculty and staff offices.

At present there are more than 1000 works on display in over 80 sites across the St. George campus. As well, many works of art are displayed in University properties off-campus, including the Faculty of Dentistry and the President’s Residence. This exhibition highlights the diversity and depth of the University of Toronto Collection, and presents works that are available for loan to campus borrowers. Not only do these works enrich our surroundings, they provide an opportunity for scholarship by our students: curatorial assistance and research for the label texts was undertaken by Amy Luo (BA Honours, 2014), as part of the Work-Study Program.

Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge project support from Manulife Financial.

Title Image: Frank La Pointe, Document Company – Xerox, 1976. Photolithograph. 81 x 61 cm.

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