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Contemporary Art Bus Tour: Art Museum to The Blackwood

A program of:
Pizandawatc / The One Who Listens / Celui qui écoute and Sediment: The Archive as a Fragmentary Base

Sunday, February 18

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Join the Art Museum and the Blackwood Gallery for a contemporary art bus tour! The program begins at the Art Museum at noon with a tour led by Noa Bronstein. From there, the bus departs for the Blackwood Gallery for a curator-led tour by Irmgard Emmelhainz. The bus then returns to the Art Museum at 4pm.

Detailed itinerary:
12pm: Tour at Art Museum, 7 Hart House Circle
1pm: Bus departure from Downtown Toronto to Mississauga
2pm: Curatorial talk and tour at The Blackwood, 3359 Mississauga Rd.
3pm: Bus returns to Art Museum, 7 Hart House Circle, ETA: 4pm

Free admission and all are welcome. Registration is required.

About the Exhibitions

Pizandawatc / The One Who Listens / Celui qui écoute
Caroline Monnet

January 17–March 23, 2024
University of Toronto Art Centre
Curated by Mona Filip

Caroline Monnet’s first exhibition in a Toronto public gallery comprises a survey of her prolific production, centering on a new series of sculptures exploring language reclamation and intergenerational transmission. The title, Pizandawatc, comes from the traditional name of Monnet’s family before surnames were changed in Kitigan Zibi by the Oblates. Meaning “the one who listens” in Anishinaabemowin, the title also honours the artist’s great-grandmother, Mani Pizandawatc, who was the first in her family to have her territory divided into reserves. Exploring the notion of territory from the perspective of cultural attachment and ancestral memory, the exhibition articulates new visions that harken both to Indigenous legacies and futures.

Sediment: The Archive as a Fragmentary Base
Sandra Brewster, Filipa César, Justine A. Chambers, Michael Fernandes, Louis Henderson, Pamila Matharu, and Krista Belle Stewart

January 17–March 23, 2024
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
Curated by Denise Ryner

Sedimentation is a geological process of settlement and solidification. Free-floating fragments come to rest at the bottom of a body of water where over time they lose their liquid content. Then gravitational pressure transforms these fragments into solid rock beds that not only become a firm base, but each layer serves as a record of human and natural activity.

The artists in this exhibition re-imagine the archive as these material fragments that may narrate presences, proximities, and solidarities. They present image, sonic, and performance recontextualizations of state and official repositories, as well as familial and personal documents, to engage the archival image as counter-image through collapses of time, embodied memory, witnessing, and storytelling.

GUT_BRAIN 1: Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess (Part 2)
Allora & Calzadilla, Baum & Leahy, Miguel Calderón, Jo Ann Callis, Minerva Cuevas, Ines Doujak, Ane Graff, Tsēmā Igharas, Lake Verea, Guadalupe Maravilla, Dana Prieto, Marina Roy, Dannielle Tegeder, Miguel Ventura, Alberta Whittle

January 8–March 15, 2024
Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga
Curated by Irmgard Emmelhainz and Christine Shaw

GUT_BRAIN is an exhibition series inspired by the primary movements of the digestive system: ingestion, propulsion, mechanical breakdown, chemical digestion, absorption, and elimination.

The first movement, Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess, materializes at the mouth. The mouth tracks the destinies of excess: the origins and symptoms of injurious forms of interdependency that have led to our toxic world. Part two of GUT_BRAIN 1 focuses on artists who recognize that modern technologies at the centre of a project of future worldmaking are linked to destructive desires, toxic masculinity, feminicide, dependency on fossil fuels, land dispossession, chemical contamination, remaindered and redundant populations, necropower, and the colonial technosphere to sustain life.

Visit the GUT_BRAIN 1: Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess webpage on the Blackwood website for full program descriptions and artist bios.

Accessibility notes: While all stops on the tour are accessible and free of physical barriers, we regret that the shuttle bus is not accessible. If you have questions about accessibility accommodations, please contact a Blackwood Gallery staff member at or 905-828-3789.

Page and Title Images(clockwise from left): From GUT_BRAIN 1: Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess (Part 2): (1) Ane Graff, THE GOBLETS (CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME) (detail), 2021. Courtesy the artist. (2) Ines Doujak, Ghost Populations (detail), 2016-ongoing. Courtesy the artist. From Pizandawatc / The One Who Listens / Celui qui écoute: (3) Caroline Monnet, Okikad, 2023. Photo: Carlie Leroy. Courtesy the artist and Blouin-Division Gallery. From Sediment: The Archive as a Fragmentary Base: (4) Louis Henderson, Bring Breath to the Death of Rocks (film still), 2018. Courtesy the artist.


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