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Maybe Memling: A History of Art and Conversation

Tuesday, February 3, 2004, 12:10pm

A lecture with Erin Webster and Maria Sullivan

Part of the Malcove Collection Lecture Series

A late fifteenth-century Netherlandish painting belonging to the University of Toronto Art Centre’s Malcove Collection provides an opportunity to explore a variety of issues in the histories of art and painting conservation. These two disciplines have profoundly affected our understanding of this painting, and evidence of their significant impact is clearly visible in the current physical appearance of this object. A reading of the surface and its layers of paint reveals considerable alterations to the original composition made by a variety of hands over the centuries.

Please join art historian Erin Webster and conservator Maria Sullivan for a fascinating look at how restoration can both illuminate and obscure master works of art.


University of Toronto Art Centre

Title Image: Hans Memling with shop assistance, Three Women at the Tomb, Tempera on panel, 49 x 25cm, Flemish, c. 1485?

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