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Publication Launch + A Conversation about Practice

Thursday, May 31, 5-7pm

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Practice, edited by Marcus Boon and Gabriel Levine, and to take part in a conversation with them and four interdisciplinary artists and thinkers—Diane Borsato, Sameer Farooq, Lee Su-Feh, and Rea McNamara on what it means to practice.

The ubiquitous talk of practice in contemporary art reflects the shift from the artwork or medium toward open-ended actions, series, processes and projects. It also suggests a kind of professionalization (the practice of law or medicine) and an emphasis on forms of repetition, discipline, rehearsal or training (zen practice, basketball practice). What do we mean today when we talk about artistic practice? Is everything a practice—and what are we (diverse humans and nonhumans around the planet) practicing for?

Practice is published in the MIT Press/Whitechapel Gallery series Documents of Contemporary Art.

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