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Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche: DARK HART

Sunday, September 30, 2006, 6:57pm-Sunrise

A collaborative project by FASTWÜRMS and Instant Coffee

Two of Toronto’s best-known artist teams join up for a 12-hour atmospheric performance in the belly of the University of Toronto’s historic Hart House. FASTWÜRMS (the duo of Kim Kozzi and Dai Skuse) and Instant Coffee (a service oriented collective of many members) collaborate on DARK HART, a music/video/soft architecture/performance/sound event in the swimming pool and the main floor Reading Room. Creating an all night, participatory, multimedia environment, DARK HART takes outdated shells of past cultural forms to realize connective, contemporary, viable social rites.

Dark Pool is FASTWÜRMS’s complement to DARK HART, a temporal and social transformation of the historic Hart House pool into a liminal space, mediating between the living VJ and the un-dead DJ. Dark Pool is video/sound/music/performance: the black Avalon of Witch positivity, Goth accessibility and Zombie creativity.

Dark Pool features VJ/DJ collaborations and performance sets from FASTWÜRMS, MLA (Montecore Liberation Army), I.S.I (Ice Station Isis), with sonic and video injections Ian Cassidy, Jon Sasaki, Gnomosexual (RM Vaughan and Jared Mitchell), Mark Laliberte, Andrew Harwood, Deirdre Logue, Jenn Norton plus more guest-bent interventions from the dark heart of the Q-west zombie nest.

Thirteen hours of Witch gyre, tragic house, swamp trance, death star mash ups, vulture acid, bat techno, raven ambient, amanita minimal.

The Dark Pool program will showcase the first live HDV 1080-60i artist productions in the world. (A collaboration with DMS event architecture research, SOAFAM, University of Guelph, supported by the CFI and OIT).

DISKO sauna YURT is Instant Coffee’s contribution to DARK HART. Instant Coffee is committed to representing outdated forms of leisure as a socially viable justification for working. Instant Coffee throws a bright disco light into the mix with a temporary dome structure covered in an array of coloured afghan blankets and retro-fitted with a pulsating dance floor.

DISKO sauna YURT is a self-supporting structure converted into a sauna where many weary ideal seekers from Nuit Blanche can take in a number of scheduled performances and activities. There will be a special indoor/outdoor screening of CAMARENA, a new compilation of Mexican-based videos curated by Txema Novelo in honour of Louis Gonzales Camerena, one of the finest Mexicans and the inventor of Colour TV. At midnight, the treasure-filled disco ball piñata will be up for the smashing and a special IC multiple is up for the taking. DJ Granny spins from midnight to 2:00 am. Throughout the evening there will also be smoking Urban Disco Carts, a disenchanted forest, scheduled sound performances, and as always the DIY DJ Station.


Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Our Supporters

DARK HART is produced in collaboration with the Hart House Art Committee and with the support of the Office of the Vice-President and Provost, the University of Toronto Arts Council, and participating partners.

Title and Page Image: Installation view of DISKO sauna YURT> at Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, Instant Coffee. 2006.

"Installation view of DISKO sauna YURT> at Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, Instant Coffee. 2006"

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