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Show and Tell & Panel Discussion

Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 5pm

A program of Image Coming Soon #1

Representatives from selected lending institutions will present their objects on display in Image Coming Soon #1, followed by a panel discussion on the resonance of John Cage’s museumcircle for curatorial practice and the exhibition space.

Includes presentations by Sascha Priewe (Managing Director of Ancient Cultures, World Art & Culture and Textiles & Fashion, ROM); Rachel Gotlieb (Adjunct Curator, Gardiner Museum); Shannon Todd (Assistant Curator, Campbell House Museum); Cassandra Zita, (Museum Assistant, The Morris and Sally Justein Heritage Museum at Baycrest); Hazel Meyer (Artist, Mercer Union); David Liss (Artistic Director & Curator, MOCCA); Ewan Wardle (Director, Fort York Museum); Joanna Sheridan (Curatorial Assistant, Collections Archivist, Blackwood Gallery); Elizabeth Nelson-Raffaele (Director, Colborne Lodge Museum); Jennifer Bhogal (Executive Director, Open Studio); Astrid Ho (Print Sales Manager/Archivist, Open Studio); Maiko Tanaka and Chris Lee (Programming Committee, Gendai Gallery); Lauren Williams (Collections Manager, Museum of Inuit Art).

Panel discussion on the resonance of John Cage’s musemcircle with Christof Migone; Marcin Kedizor; Barbara Fischer; Ido Govrin; E. C. Woodley; Sarah Robayo Sheridan; and curator of Image Coming Soon #1, Liora Belford.


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'Show and Tell & Panel Discussion"

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