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Love is the motive force of every emancipatory politics

Thuesday, March 18, 2010, 7pm

A program of Adrian Blackwell: Model for a Public Space [knot]

Can love untie the knot of the identitarian politics of the family or the nation? What would it mean to love the stranger? Can love become a material, political force that holds the potential to create new compositions? This conversation will offer new ways of thinking, envisioning, and enacting love beyond the stubborn imperative to love only those most proximate.

Featuring Adam Bobbette, Christof Migone, Allyson Mitchell, Helena Reckitt, Alessandra Renzi, Laura Kane and Kika Thorne.


Reading Room, Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle

Title and Page Image: Installation view of Adrian Blackwell: Model for a Public Space [knot], 2010.

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