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Traumatic Bonding: An Interdisciplinary Discussion about State Stockholm Syndrome

A program of:
Miao Ying: A Field Guide to Ideology

Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 6pm EST

With speakers Miao Ying, Paul Bloom and Yi Gu. Moderated by Yan Wu, curator of Miao Ying: A Field Guide to Ideology. Introductory remarks by Barbara Fischer.

Taking Miao Ying’s work as a point of departure, this panel brings together scholars in Psychology and Media Studies—Paul Bloom and Yi Gu, respectively—in discussion with the artist. Together, they explore the complex, often contradictory, human emotions and collective psyche induced by the contemporary digital sphere, in McLuhan’s words, “the psychic and social consequences of technologies.” Yan Wu, curator of Miao Ying: A Field Guide to Ideology, moderated this discussion.

The event is co-presented with the Critical Digital Methods Institute, a research group affiliated with the Department of Arts, Culture & Media at the University of Toronto Scarborough.