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Sovereign Acts

Works by:

Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, Robert Houle, Terrance Houle, Shelley Niro, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas

Sovereign Acts

April 18–May 27, 2012

Curated by Wanda Nanibush

Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

The history of Indigenous Peoples performing cultural dances and practices for international and colonial audiences is an important part of Indigenous art generally, and performance art specifically. The Indigenous performers known as ‘Indians’ faced the conundrum of maintaining traditional cultural practices by performing them on stage while also having that performance fulfill the desires of a colonial imaginary. In Sovereign Acts, the artists Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, Robert Houle, Terrance Houle, Shelley Niro, Adrian Stimson, and Jeff Thomas, contend with the legacy of colonial representations. Drawing on the depiction of the imaginary Indian – the ahistorical, pre-contact ‘primitivism’ in popular and mass culture – they recover and construct new ways of performing the complexity of Indigenous cultures for a contemporary art audience. Their work returns to the multi-levelled history of ‘Performing Indian’ to recuperate the erased and objectified performer as an ancestor, an artist, and an Indigenous subject.

This exhibition is produced as part of the requirements for the MVS degree in Curatorial Studies at the University of Toronto.

Opening Reception

Wednesday April 18, 7-9pm
Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Touring Program

Open Space Gallery, May 1-June 15, 2014
Neutral Ground, February 22–April 4, 2014

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Our Supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the operating support from the Canada Council for the Arts, with additional project support from the Ontario Arts Council, the University of Toronto Women and Gender Studies Institute, and the University of Toronto Arts Council.

Title Image: Installation view of Sovereign Acts, 2014. Image credit: Toni Hafkenscheid.

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