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Malcove Collection Series

The Malcove Collection Lecture Series presents topics relating to as well as focussing on new research into the Malcove Collection. Over the course of 50 years, Dr. Lillian Malcove (1902-1981) developed a collection of over 500 objects, comprised of paintings, drawings, furniture, icons, manuscripts, and textiles, as well as sculptural objects in a diversity of materials, spanning a vast range of art history from prehistory to the 20th century.

Three women at a tomb facing an angel figure

Maybe Memling: A History of Art and Conversation

February 3, 2004–February 3, 2004

Depiction of St. Nicholas

Sweetmeats and Rod: The Story of Saint Nicholas

December 9, 2003–December 9, 2003

Byzantine art on display

Art, Science and Authentication: The Case of the Madonna and Child with Two Angels

November 25, 2003–November 25, 2003