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WE CALL Discussion and Project Space

A program of I continue to shape

Hold your next class discussion within the context of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) at our current exhibition, I continue to shape.

The exhibition, curated by cheyanne turions, is on view at the University of Toronto Art Centre from now through December 8, 2018. Cathy Busby’s wall-text project, WE CALL, is displayed in the exhibition, wherein abridged excerpts from the TRC’s 94 “Calls to Action” are brightly displayed to highlight the ways educational, governmental, and cultural institutions are called upon by the TRC to cultivate Indigenous leadership and participation within structural systems.

This is your opportunity to use the space created by WE CALL as an encouragement to explore and discuss Indigenous issues while surrounded by text from the TRC.

Although the Art Museum staff will not be facilitating the conversation, the gallery offers exhibition tours and can provide one before or after your scheduled class discussion to contextualize the work. We hope you find correlations between specific topics in your fall classes and the call to action that Busby requests.

For more information on WE CALL please visit:

Fore more information on the exhibition and surrounding programs for I continue to shape please visit:

To schedule your classroom in Busby’s WE CALL project space or to book an exhibition tour of I continue to shape, please contact Theresa Wang at

We offer tour start times from 10am to 3pm (Monday to Friday) and Wednesday from 10am to 6pm. Admission is always free.


University of Toronto Art Centre

Title and Page Image: Cathy Busby, WE CALL, Second of two wall-text paintings, Art Museum, University of Toronto Art Centre. 2017-18. Installation photo courtesy of Toni Hafkenscheid.


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