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Dialogue 1: Plastic Pollution, Toxicity, and Policy Change

A program of:
Plastic Heart: Surface All the Way Through

Wednesday, September 15, 6pm–7:30pm EDT
With Mark Fisher, Vanessa Gray, Michelle Murphy, and Chelsea Rochman, with moderator Heather Davis

Plastic Pollution, Toxicity, and Policy Change is a public dialogue between activists, scholars, scientists, and policy experts tackling the issues at the forefront of plastics pollution policy. The panel will focus on activating resistance to mechanisms of petrochemical pollution affecting human health and ecosystems. The known and unknown effects of plastic as a matrix for chemical accumulation, the dangers of its circulation in waterways, and the uneven distribution of its impact on communities is driving a movement that calls for “turning off the tap” and regulating the plastics industry and future development.

Video courtesy of 4th SPACE Concordia University.