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BMO 1st ART! 2022

Celebrating Canada’s New Artists

The BMO 1st ART! Exhibition showcases the winning submissions of the 20th Annual BMO 1st ART! contest. Catch the accompanying video interviews to hear more from Canada’s newest generation of artists. Read the transcripts here.

Shizuka Yoshimura (National Winner) | Kaela Murphy (Alberta) | Ali Cayetano (British Columbia) | Solange Roy (Manitoba) |

Oakley Rain Wysote Gray (New Brunswick) | Georgia Dawkin (Newfoundland & Labrador) | Ivan Flores (Nova Scotia) |

Collin Alexander (Ontario) | Chris Bailey (Prince Edward Island) | Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke (Quebec) |

Aurora Wolfe (Saskatchewan) | Sabrina Jin (Yukon)

Shizuka Yoshimura (National Winner)

Transient Shine

Yukon School of Visual Arts

Kaela Murphy (Alberta)

my hair

University of Lethbridge

Ali Cayetano (British Columbia)


University of British Columbia

Solange Roy (Manitoba)

You Want a Piece of Me?

University of Manitoba

Oakley Rain Wysote Gray (New Brunswick)

Nmis (Sister)

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

Georgia Dawkin (Newfoundland & Labrador)

Professional Woman: Coming Soon

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Ivan Flores (Nova Scotia)

Mother Giant

NSCAD University

Collin Alexander (Ontario)


University of Toronto

Chris Bailey (Prince Edward Island)

Fisherman’s Repose

Holland College

Avery Mikolic-O’Rourke (Quebec)

Center-Point Cycle (45.4704492, -73.6044496)

Concordia University

Aurora Wolfe (Saskatchewan)

Interruption I, Interruption II

University of Saskatchewan

Sabrina Jin (Yukon)


Yukon School of Visual Arts


Videography by Dominic Chan

Images and audio/video clips all courtesy of the artists.


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