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Hutchison Lecture Series

This lectureship was initiated in 1997 by family and friends to celebrate Janet E. Hutchison’s birthday. The series, which is supported by the Janet E Hutchison Foundation is a key event in the Art Museum’s public programming.

The 23rd Annual Janet E. Hutchison Lecture with Lynda Jessup

March 3, 2020–March 3, 2020

"Researching Contemporary Indigenous Art in Public"

Researching Contemporary Indigenous Art in Public

September 19, 2016–September 19, 2016

"Nude Ghosts: Allen Ginsberg, General Idea, and the Formation of Queer Eros"

Nude Ghosts: Allen Ginsberg, General Idea, and the Formation of Queer Eros

September 18, 2014–September 18, 2014

Exhibitionism: The Art of Curating

September 19, 2013–September 19, 2013

Expressions of Power: Material Symbols in the Americas

February 27, 2013–February 27, 2013

Lecture: Angela Grauerholz

September 15, 2011–September 15, 2011

The Black Art of Furniture Making

September 15, 2009–September 15, 2009

"Installation view of Beaver Tales: Canadian Art and Design, 2008. Image credit: Toni Hafkenscheid"

The Legends of Canadian Flora and Fauna

September 16, 2008–September 16, 2008

"Installation view of The Virgin, Saints and Angels, 2007. Image credit: Toni Hafkenscheid"

The Bible in the Andes

September 18, 2007–September 18, 2007

Interior of the Hart House Art Museum Gallery

Tradition or Fashion? British Kings and their Plate 1600-1800

September 14, 2006–September 14, 2006

From Toronto to Cambridge: Lord Lee of Fareham’s Medieval Manuscripts

October 27, 2005–October 27, 2005

The Marble Index of a Mind, the Portrait Bust and Literary Celebrity in Eighteenth Century England

September 16, 2004–September 16, 2004

King Alfred in Art:  The Iconography of an English Historical Legend

September 18, 2003–September 18, 2003

The Mind’s Construction in the Face: Shakespeare and Portraiture

September 19, 2002–September 19, 2002